April 2, 2012

Change Your Perspective

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"In the midst of a calamity, is there something you can do? If not, at least by your serenity you can make others more serene." - Swami Satchidananda 

Yesterday this pearl of wisdom popped onto my twitter timeline from The Integral Yoga Institute and I discovered it reflects throughout my every day life while living with lupus. Calamity is another word for trouble, complications, stress and issues.

In our daily lives; what do we do when facing an issue?
Honestly; I find it takes a remarkable amount of self control to not unloose the hell-hounds the instant something buggers us! Once we become bothered by whatever issue ails us it's common for some of us to throw up our hands, and rag on about how much life seems to suck at that moment. Every smiling person we encounter becomes an irritating happy-go-lucky camper, and we exude a Dr. House "misery becomes me" demeanor. Sound familiar?

The fact is; it's okay to feel down and out about having lupus. It is a complicated illness that does not yet have a cure.

So how are we to somehow manage to pull up our britches and still be happy about life? Puzzled? I was too at first. Depression was my twin sister and misery my middle name, and all I did was wallow in a pit of self-loathing for months. I felt alone, all by myself in the scary world of autoimmune madness!

Then one day I mustered up the courage to enter "lupus" into a Google search...The rest is history!

I discovered how far I truly was from being alone with systemic lupus erythematosus. In an effort to find new friends I created a community where lupus "brothers and sisters" could reach out to one another using pre-established sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Together, we share our health stories as we embark on our journey to wellness.

We soothe each others anger, pain, sadness and encourage laughter, strength, and support. We are each others "SILVER LINING"! At least, that is what each of you have become to me.

I still have days when my pain reaches unbearable heights, but it becomes a lighter burden to bear when I reach out to the huge lupus community to help lead me through my pain and remind me that there is still joy to be found in every day.

I may not be able to run, but I can walk short distances. I may not be allowed to bask in the sun, but if I wear high spf sunblock and protective clothing I can frolic in the daylight. I may have an embarrassing red rash on my face, but at least I can save money on blush. I may be balding from hair loss/scalp irritation, but I can use it as an excuse to sport purple-ishious wigs!

It's all about your perspective lovies. A lesson I've learned is this: If you can't change an issue that troubles you; change the way you approach and/or think about that issue. It may seem a challenge at first, but with practice it works like a charm. Conquer your issues!

love and glitter,

Tiffany Peterson


  1. I admire your positive thinking. That's definitely the way to go. Worrying about your condition can only make things worse. Besides, purple-ishious wigs would be a serious head turner.

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