November 2, 2011

Patient Advocacy in Motion: ePatCon 2011

I've collected all the amazing video footage from e-Patient Connections 2011 and placed it all here for your viewing pleasure. Below you'll find interviews hosted by HealthCentral's Amanda Paige as well as some great video clips of me captured by the charismatic blogger Mark S. King from My Fabulous Disease.

Take a look at this remarkable video put together by HealthCentral featuring some of the empowered patients who are taking a stand to advocate for their illnesses and the rights of all patients across the globe.

Don't they inspire you to jump up and get cracking at finding the nooks and crannies that need repairing in the health care system? Okay okay, I may be a little overenthusiastic but let's get serious for a moment. If we don't take the initiative to be our own health advocates how can we expect someone else to do it for us? We can't leave everything in the hands of our physicians; responsibility has to start somewhere and it might as well start with each of us. Now on one's asking you to get crazy and light a bonfire at your next doctor visit. (though I'm sure that'd get their attention!) It's much simpler than that. Becoming your own health advocate is so much easier in this digital age. Everything is available at the touch of a few taps of a keyboard or mouse.

Also featured below are each of the empowered ePatients who sat at the roundtable to construct a draft for the Digital Patient Bill of Rights and how you can contact them. ~> HERE

Last but not least you can view me; fellow Wellsphere lupus blogger speaking with Healthcentral on how social media has helped me overcome the stigma of having an illness and finding support online. Here I share the inspiration behind the Facebook "Friends Against Lupus" page and why I chose that path I did on my healthcare journey and what I hope to see in the future of healthcare!

So what do you think about all this talk of patient advocacy? Do you disagree with what I said? If so what would you have said differently? What are your thoughts on the "Patient Bill of Rights"?

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