November 2, 2011

My Future Books

Today's Wego Health Writer's prompt is: Titles of my Future Book

 "Say you’re writing a book about your life, community,
condition, or Health Activism. Come up with 5 working titles and a quick book jacket
synopsis."- Wego Health
After much pondering I thought of what my five future books would be...Educational health guides with a sprinkle of my Latina heritage; yes this means a spicy novella. A mermaid inspired "me" because well who wouldn't want to be one! A self love guide, and a TiffanyandLupus cookbook! Doesn't it all just sound visually delicious!? Okay here we go...
  • What Lupus Taught Me
 Oh dear cheese on toast! Maybe she heard the rheuma-whats-her-name say the wrong word...though judging from that cold dead look in her eyes it's safe to say the doctor isn't just pulling my finger for kicks...perhaps it IS something serious. This thing called LUPUS. Well, it's time to pull my girl britches up; whip my fiercest wig and rise above the pain, and the best part is I get to share it all with you!

  •  How to Make Your Doctor Listen!
Ever feel like all your doctor visits are a blur? Do you spend most of your doctor visit in the "waiting room" only to spend 10-15 minutes with your MD before you're rushed out the door? Here's an easy-peasy guide of the: What, where, when, why, and how's of being an expert patient! Learn the skills to become the exceptional patient and gain the respect and proper care from your physician.

  • How to Get From Here to There: A Guide to Self Love
We're going to take a journey; one that's less traveled but leads to happiness. Before we embark I'm going to need you to be completely honest with yourself. This journey is all about YOU and how to leave the emptiness and pain behind and start loving the person we find within. All you're going to need is a mirror and perhaps a pen and paper. Are you ready? Are you prepared to shed the self-hate, longing, and judging eyes you bestow upon yourself? Grab your mirror and join me for an enlightening journey of self. It will be a bumpy ride but it's also one you'll always remember.

  •  Eating at Tiffany's
"Food should always deliver orgasms; anything less is a crime!"                                       Here you'll find Tiffany sharing her favorite authentic recipes. Each one of them full of sass, flavor, and nutrition...much like Tiffany herself. From fatigue-fighting salads and smoothies to mouth-watering lasagna and scrumptious desserts. You can find it all right here. Healthy food should still taste amazing and Tiffany is here to prove that!

  • The Mermaid & The Mercenary
Silently sliding amongst the rocks; Alexander held his breath and settled in for a long moonlit night of waiting. His orders were clear. On the third crescent moon of the fifth of September; a pure soul will sing of true love you'll always remember. Shall the siren finish her song; your mind, body, and soul shall be hers and belong. Gritting his teeth he took a closer look...her short tapered onyx tresses seemed to gleam in the moonlight. Wait, what?! Pffft! He would not get all dreamy over some vixen who was to be the death of him! He clenched his teeth around his solid curved blade and inched closer. He was almost there....a few more steps and it would all be over. Holding his breath he inched his muscled bicep back and prepared to strike at the base of her neck...with each lulling syllable he felt his heart clench tighter. Sweat dripping down his back he pressed on...the curve of her back seemed to dip deliciously into the most beautiful kaleidoscope of colors he'd ever seen. Her skin was a warm cinnamon that reminded him of snowy nights, toasty fires, and hot cocoa. He could almost taste her...
*This post was written as part of NHBPM – 30 health posts in 30 days:

 I hope this was as fun to read as it was for me to write! Which titles were your favorite and why? Were there any that didn't catch your interest? If you had the opportunity to publish your own book what would your title and synopsis be?

 Loving you, Stay strong!
xoxo, Tiffany

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  1. I loved them all but The Mermaid and The Mercenary....Yoooo! I really wanna read that. Like you should definitely finish writing that. It would be a great read. I am inspired by you more and more each day Tiffany! I really don't know what I'd do without you!


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