April 13, 2011

WOTD: Health Activist Writer's Challenge Month Day 2

Excited to continue this journey of health and learning with WEGO Health!

Today is Day two of the "Health Activist Writer's Challenge Month" also known as #HAWCM.

Day 2's challenge is:

New Word of the Day Post! When we write, it’s natural to fall into a pattern, using the same set of words that found their way into our vocabulary over time. Maybe we use words we love or maybe we use words we say often. Well, let’s diversify! Today’s post prompt is: Go to Dictionary.com and check out their their extensive archive and pick any 1-3 WOTD (one from your birthday, perhaps?) that you didn’t know beforehand and write inspired by the new word(s). Your post can be as short or as long as you like.
According to Dictionary.com today's Word Of The Day is:
OPPUGN- To assail by criticism, argument, or action.
This month I decided to request all of my medical records so I could keep up to date with the happenings regarding my health. My  general practitioner was extremely accommodating and directed me towards the offices which would do just that. After putting a thick manila envelope in my bag I made my way over to the office of my rheumatologist. I explained to her that I needed a copy of my medical records and asked if she could have her receptionist print out copies for me. I was terribly surprised with her response. Not only did she tell me she would charge me per page; she also refused to print out every record. She told me she select the most important and print them out. As I watched her select which records she thought I needed to have; I noticed her typing away furiously in between selections. Once I left her office I opened the folder containing my selected rheumatology files and began reading through my medical history.
It is not my intention to oppugn my rheumatologist's medical knowledge or practice; however it suddenly became clear to me why she kept shutting me down every time I attempted to retrieve my medical records. It turns out that she hasn't been recording ANY notes whatsoever during the majority of my visits, which I find preposterous since I've been seeing her for lupus treatment a little over a year now. She recorded that I the patient denied having many symptoms that I remember explaining to her n depth over the course of a year. I'm so terribly upset! Why did she fail to record notes about my treatment! When I change doctors what information will they compare to for my future treatment regarding lupus? Has she been blindly treating me all this time? I am making notes to bring this to her attention during my next appointment. If she refuses to comply perhaps my next "Word's of the Day" will be MEDICAL MALPRACTICE! 

Stay tuned for Day 3 of #HAWMC (Health Activist Writer's Challenge Month). The challenge being to write your own health Q & A which I'll be posting later this evening! 

As always stay strong my loves and remember you are NOT alone in the fight against lupus!
Loving you,
Tiffany xoxo


  1. I have been in exactly the same spot. I have many, many doctors and during the time period that I was applying for Long Term Disability and Social Security Disability I needed copies of ALL of my records - don't know how much more clear the word ALL can be?? My other doctors were more than compliant. My Primary, Neurologist, Ophthalmologist, Dermatologist, Cardiologist, Urologist, Gastroenterologist, Immunologist....all gave me just what I needed. My Rheumatologist, on the other hand, became very offended and wanted only give me what she felt I needed. I got around this in two ways. First, if you go through medical records and sign a release and state that you want ALL records you can get everything. The unfortunate thing about this is that they will charge you. I did this when I needed the records for my disability case. Then one day when I was sitting in my health psychologists office (btw, all of my doctors are in the same institution - the University of MN Medical Center)I told her about my Rheumatologist. She was appalled. She told me that every time I come in SHE will print off anything I need to help me stay up to date with my records - for free. She stated that it is the patients right to have these records. I then asked her why I had to pay for them through medical records. She asked me what I told them the reason for my needing them was. When I said it was for disability insurance she said - Oh, that's the problem. You have to state that they are for your personal use to keep up with your health care. The minute they are for someone else - they can charge you. I now have a new Rheumatologist and I am very happy with him.
    An interesting note about the actual records -
    The records from the first doctor were not only incomplete - but she had been "copying and pasting" notes from previous visits over and over and over again. Every visit I would bring in a typed out sheet with "Current issues, New Issues and Things That Have Improved". She threw them all away. They never made it to my file. The new doctor - PAGES of detailed notes each time I see him, with ALL of my notes included in the file. BIG DIFFERENCE!
    Unfortunately, this is a sad truth that affects many lupus patients. I am simply amazed and somewhat overwhelmed at the negative responses associated with Rheumatologists. Prior to receiving my diagnosis I did a lot or research on the subject and I would say that well over half of the examples I read about were negative - and very similar to our story.
    So BE STRONG and STAND UP for yourself!!! These doctor's know better and if they can not be held accountable then you need to find one that will.

  2. Thank you SOOOOO much Theresa! You've given me some tips to use for my next visit! <3

  3. Very interesting. I've had the same things happen to me. They r my Damn records. And I'm cross that proper notes aren't being kept during my visits. I mean , really what r they doing ? Playing video poker ? Is that what all that typing furiously at the visit is about????


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