April 17, 2011

My Lupus Q&A: Health Activist Writer's Challenge Day 3

Woohoo! We're on day number three of the "HAWMC" (Health Activist Writer's Challenge Month) and it's going to be a fun one! Take a look below for the details:

Write your own health Q&A. Inspired by the popular (and often outrageous) Yahoo Answers (see here) and the more strategically categorized Q&A format of Quora – today’s prompt is simple: write a health question and answer it. Your question can be a real, genuine one about your condition or you can make it a strange, humorous, or satirical health question. Once you’ve asked the question – answer it however you want to. (Note: You don’t have to ask or answer as yourself – you can pre
tend to be anyone you like.)

Here we goooooooooo! My very own Lupus Q & A!

Question#1: How did you get lupus?
Photo from Staples.com

Answer: After billions of dollars in research, the worlds leading rheumatologist's held a conference to figure out what causes lupus in patient's across the globe. After doing testing, prodding, and clinical trials on thousands of patients they have come to a conclusion! They took a field trip to the nearest Staples and pressed "The EASY button" and POOF! With the help of the "Staples easy button" they have come to the conclusion that lupus is caused by evil aliens who live on the surface of the sun in outer space. Thus being why we must wear sunscreen with high SPF/uvb block protection because obviously NASA isn't doing their job properly! Gosh, if only I hadn't gone sunbathing at the beach all those years!

Question#2: What does a rheumatologist do?

Answer: Word is they are the specialists who are supposed to treat patients with lupus! I haven't yet found one who doesn't have a twisted love affair with prednisone and a hankering for the methorexate but surely I will find the doctor of my lupus treating dreams one day. Something tells me those steroid loving doctors might half related to those evil aliens NASA hasn't detected yet!

Question#3: But you don't look sick, are you SURE you have lupus?

 Answer: Gee, I don't know! You don't look like a dummy, but I could be wrong! No seriously, how does a person's appearance define how they feel on thee inside? Not NEVER!

I don't know about you but this post was tons of fun! It was supposed to be full of satire and sillyness. Kind of like those weird and sill questions you find online on Yahoo Answers! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. On to HAWMC Day four!

Loving you,
Tiffany Marie xoxo


  1. I love it honey!!! I laughed at the first q&a

  2. I am going to do this as well on my blog. Sounds like fun and educational all at the same time. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Glad you liked it lovies! Char please share your post when you write it!


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