April 20, 2011

A Message to Lupus & Poetry as a question! (Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge) Day 7 & 8

* Today's post will feature Day's 7 and 8 from the Wego Health "HAWMC" challenge! 

Leave your health a text or voicemail. Time to check in with your health! You call, ready to talk, but it turns out that your health isn’t exactly responsive and is probably screening your call. No matter – leave your health a voicemail. What does your health’s voicemail message sound like? And what are you going to tell your health today?
Yesterday I left Lupus a message and sent it via Facebook. I know I'm not the only one who'd like to tell lupus where it can shove it!

If you could send your health/illness a message what would you say? Feel free to share via comment below! 

Onto Day 8 of the HAWMC Challenge...

Write a poem where every line is a health question. Today’s prompt is to write a 5-10 poem where every line is a question. The questions could be ones you have, ones you’ve heard, or ones that are rhetorical. You can make it a Found Poem and use questions you’ve been asked before. Or you can make up new ones.

Poetry as a question is definitely a challenge! Here I go...

What is lupus?
Why are their no known causes?
Why are we judged because we don't LOOK sick?
Where are all the GOOD rheumatologists?
And when will we there be a lupus cure?

Not too bad for my first poetry as a question! How about you? If you wrote a question poem what would it say?

Loving you,
Tiffany xoxo


  1. My relative has this disease and from what I heard, it is a case to case basis. It's very hard to deal with as it differ from one patient or another. Doctors say that there is no cure for this, but I do hope that there will be in the near future.

  2. Talk about using some willpower to beat a sickness. When you think about it, though, being positive and putting in a little humor actually helps a long way in dealing with disease.

  3. There's a good way to cope with the sickness. It always helps to have a positive outlook towards a patient's current condition. Nothing wrong with that.


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