April 20, 2011

A Love Letter to Myself (HAWMC Day 9)

Image from TheHealthyCity via Tumblr
Ever wonder what it would be like to write yourself a love letter? What would you say? I think we all should take some time for "Self Love" (especially those of us who are chronically ill) and write ourselves a love letter. Go ahead & try it and see what unfolds. 

Here begins Day 9 of Wego Health's "Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge". 

Health Activist Choice. Today’s blog post can be about anything you like. Free write! Whether you want to take inspiration from one of your community members or HAWMCers or just recap your April so far – anything and everything is fair game today. Length, topic, style – all up to you!

Dear Tiffany,

It takes immense courage to face your reflection in the mirror and love the person you see. To face the pain hidden behind the smile and unfold the truth that is self. To see each scar as a beauty mark of survival. Each stretch mark as a symbol of growth. A shaved head as a symbol of courage. Every grey hair tells a story of trials won and wisdom earned. Dig deeper still.

Your big feet that once were unable to move now strive to walk in support of others.
Your small hands that ache with pain still reach out to touch, hold, and comfort others in times of need. Your tiny frame which seems to never grow is capable of loving each person you come across. 

You do not have a paid job, nor have you finished school. Yet all of your free days are spent advocating for lupus awareness if you are not bedridden or at a doctor's appointment. You may not be where you want to be, but you are forging a positive path to a place of greater good. You could have wallowed in pain, complained, and screamed about how it isn't fair to be ill but instead you chose to  DO something about it. 

Yes, you have cried many times when the pain was too much. It's okay. Keeping it in isn't healthy. Yes, you have pushed yourself past your limits when you knew it would cause you pain. It's okay. You have learned to respect your health and say NO when pushed past your limits. Yes, you have lost many friends and even family because they could not understand or be bothered by your illness. It's okay. You have met NEW friends and family who are supportive and help you be strong. Yes some days you wish to not go on to another day. It's okay. You have learned that when having these thoughts you must REACH out to another for help.

You do everything you can to go from lupus to living. You educate others. You attempt to break the stigma of ignorance that often surrounds disease. You help strengthen others who are ill to make a stand for their health and make their way towards living with a positive mind. 

Tiffany, it is time for you to realize that you are a warrior. That warriors don't wallow in self pity. Look into that mirror and see the things you have done and what you are still doing. It's time for you to love the person you are. Selfless. Void of pride and full of love.

"Because if you can't love yourself, how in the hell can you love somebody else?"-RuPaul

So Be Strong, Be YOU

Tiffany Marie xoxo

This post was the toughest I ever wrote, and I stared at myself in the mirror thee entire time (balancing a laptop on the bathroom sink is not recommended!) & yes I cried. I guess I haven't been entirely honest with myself for a long time on many touchy topics about myself. It's past time I ripped those bandages off and faced myself scars, flaws, and all.

Look into the mirror, and write yourself a love letter!


  1. Absolutely beautiful... I don't think anything else can be said about it, other than absolutely beautiful - Just like you. ~ Jeanna


  3. Very touching... I saw myself in a lot of what you wrote and I cried as well. Thank you

  4. That's great inspiration for all of us. I've never tried it, but it will be in my journal very soon, by the end of the Easter weekend, latest. It sounds as if you learn a lot in the process of writing it. Thanks for sharing and providing us with the idea.

  5. Beautiful & courageous! Just like the you I have come to know. Thank you for opening yourself so that others may see and invite more peace into their lives.

  6. Tiffany, this is a simultaneously heartbreaking and life affirming posting. You are a shining beacon of positivity, as proven by the words of others on this page.

    Take care.

  7. Your words of kindness touch my heart, thank you for sharing this experience with me <3

  8. Thank you for writing this beautiful letter. In some way we can all see the same reflection you saw. I am humbled. Yes we are truly warriors!!

  9. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
    great job Tiffany, this took a lot of courage and I applaude you.


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