April 17, 2011

Humor Me Sundays!

Hello again lovies! 

Which day of the week is the one you dread the most? Mines is always the Monday's! So I like to take some time on Sunday and prep myself for the wear and tear of the new week.

Helping us get through this week with lupus giggles and grins is Mark Magee; a man of many talents who resides in Portland, Maine. He was featured in this month's April edition of The Lupus Magazine where he shares how his mom is the inspiration behind his "lupus cartoons". If you haven't read it be sure to take a peek, it also features two more of his latest cartoons he drew especially for The Lupus Magazine!

Enough talking! It's time for giggles and grins!

Bwahahaahahah! Anyone else have "episodes of la fog" as I love to call mines! Share some of your fog stories, and please share your thoughts about Mark's awesome cartoons below!


  1. LOL, i usually make the time out sign with my hands and just walk away. Now it just gets silly with my hubby when i do that. Makes us laugh instead of cry.

  2. Thank you for sharing!!!It's good to remember that sometimes humor can mask the pain!


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