March 1, 2011

Lupus Advocacy Day 2011 (Someone You Know Has Lupus!)

Today, March 1st marks The Lupus Foundation of America's 13th annual Lupus Advocacy Day and I choose to share my story about how lupus has affected my life in effort to make my voice heard. I might not be able to rally with fellow patients and supporters in Washington, DC but I can still support the cause from a distance.

This is what "Lupus" looks like
The day I learned about lupus; I was sitting in the doctors office stiff as a rod, swollen like a chipmunk, and in excruciating pain with every move. The day I learned about lupus; I was diagnosed with it. Given a print out describing the disease and its symptoms. After being medicated with prednisone, I re-learned how to walk after a month of being bedridden. It wasn't easy but I was determined.

Once I regained the strength to walk again I vowed to make every step count for myself and every single person living with lupus. For every patient who doesn't have health care, for every patient confined to bed or a wheelchair; restricted by a cane; denied health insurance and disability. I would walk each year for lupus for those who couldn't walk. I would fight to live for myself and for others. I vowed to make every day count, to tell anyone who would listen about lupus.

It's time to make our voices HEARD. If Egypt can do it, then so can we! How can we expect help or a cure if we are not willing to do what we can to make sure this happens?! Help only comes to those who help themselves.

How can you help support Lupus Advocacy? I'll tell you!

  • Send an email, call, or write your Congressman or Senator. Share your personal story of how lupus has affected you, and ask them to support increased federal funding for lupus research and education programs. Find your Senators and Representatives here, along with help for writing your letter or email.
  • Spread the word and show your support on Facebook by donating your status using the sample statuses below.

    Today is Lupus Foundation of America's 2011 Advocacy Day. Join me to urge Members of Congress to support increased funding for lupus research and education programs. Visit to make your voice heard.

    Join me and urge Congress to support increased funding for lupus research and education programs by becoming an e-Advocate for the Lupus Foundation of America. Visit to get started.
  • Send a message on Twitter encouraging your friends and family to support LFA's Advocacy Day. Below are some suggested "tweets." Also, make sure you mention @LupusOrg in your tweets and use #lupusadvocacy as a hashtag.

    Sample Tweets:

    I am making my voice heard for @lupusorg's #Lupusadvocacy Day on Capitol Hill. Find out how you can help

    Today is @lupusorg's #lupusadvocacy day. Urge Congress to support #lupus research & education programs
  • Use your blog to tell your lupus story, and promote the importance of LFA's Advocacy Day. Please remember to include the link -- -- in your blog entry so that others reading your blog can also contact their Senators and Representatives. 

Now that you know how to help, get active and make your voice HEARD!


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