March 15, 2011

Camouflage Make-up & Lupus Scars

*this post is part of my earlier blog post titled "Despite our scars we are beautiful". Which includes natural health option to caring for your skin. This portion is specifically for those who inquired about make-up to help camoflauge scars caused by lupus.

Early last year I attended a Camouflage Make-up class at the S.L.E. Lupus Foundation. I learned about two different products that are amazing in covering Lupus scars! We even had a live session where several volunteers had their make-up done & I must say I was impressed with the coverage. The make-up artist name is Sheila J Makeup, she happens to also be a full-time nurse who is obsessed with make-up and took the time to come over and show us Lupus patients the right products and how to use them! She was such a sweetheart :)

Sheila brought up the importance of using hypo-allergenic products to prevent allergic reactions, this is extremely important as many of us have such sensitive skin. Be VERY careful when choosing products that it will not cause further skin irritation. Check and be sure what you are using is hypo-allergenic!

To begin she used a product called Dermacolor which is a camouflage make-up system. You can pick your choice of palettes that fit close to your skin, and then mix them bit by bit with a make-up brush and apply only to your problem areas. The key is to blend, and keep blending until you reach your skin-tone. She showed us how to do this in class and each person took only about 15 minutes or less!

First, apply a sunscreen underneath make-up. Unless you are using make-up that already comes high with SPF protection. After applying foundation and blending, Sheila then advised to apply a setting powder, let it sit for 15 seconds and brush it off. This helps to "set" the make-up.

Sheila also recommended several other products such as Dermablend and Nicole Paxson Cosmetics. You can stay updated by following her 'Aesthetic Camouflage' Makeup Blog for helpful tips & feel free to ask her questions, she's extremely nice and definitely gave everyone at my local Lupus support group the feeling of bringing our beauty from our insides out!

So be brave lovies and let your beauty SHINE, Never let anyone make you feel embarrassed. Lupus is nothing to be ashamed of, we cannot prevent how it affects our bodies but we can change how we live with it. Zero tolerance for those who refuse to understand our pain, I do and we do and that is all that matters. You're never alone and together we're gonna show the world just how BEAUTIFUL we truly are starting from the INSIDE OUT!

                                                                             Muahz! Love, Tiffany


  1. Whaou ! That's impressive !
    It can sound "futile" but feeling pretty, or just "normal" can be so helpfull for your mood.

  2. I use Nicole Paxton and I love it. . Also Dior has a spray foundation that is amazing. . I feel like my makeup and hair peices are my armor in my fight each day!

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  6. Thank you Tiffany. I wish this thread was a bit more current. I went to Nicole Paxon's site and saw her product without pricing. If anyone has any suggestions, I would be grateful....Lupies need to support one another

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