February 27, 2011

The "Lupus Land" Board Game!

Today's post was inspired by Jodi!

How many of you are familiar with the board game "Candy Land"? Do you remember that sweet sugary board game from our childhood that made you drool just thinking of your next trip to the candy store? I know I do. As fun as that game was; I've taken the idea of it and put a lupus twist on it. Introducing the NEW board game "Lupus Land"!

That's right! You won't find little colorful gingerbread men who can strut around energetically through gumdrop mountains in this game. Strut? Ha! I can't even remember the last time I attempted to do that without wobbling or taking refuge on a nearby bench  so I could muster up the energy to make it to my destination. Here is a proper game board that was designed with us lupus patients in mind. Created to provoke contagious chuckles, sizzling smiles, and wicked wobbling! Yes, lupus can be serious. We know that because lives were lost this week while others battled for their lives in hospital beds. So today I've created a way for us to showcase the lighter side of lupus. This is an illness that each of us have to live with; and all the better to do it with a smile on our faces!

Check out the "Lupus Land" game pieces! You can choose from four different pieces: The Wheelchair, The Walking Cane, Crutches, or the Motor Scooter! Awesome right? Now coming up here is the actual "Lupus Land" Game Board.

Note the cute little lupus patients (Because children get lupus too!) at the starting line, revving up their canes and getting ready to make their way through the board. The object of this game is to make it all the way to the Lupus Support Group at the finish line. You get to travel through some tough spots, experiencing different side effects, and meet some kooky characters along the way.

First up is the Transplant Trail, here you'll find available heart donations in case of Endo/Pericarditis depending on your blood type. (Smile)

About 9 colors more and you'll find yourself in the Malar-Mint Butterfly Forest. Yes! Those are peppermint canes, but beware because they're laced with prednisone and the Wicked Rheumatologist is to blame. He claims to have a degree but we've never seen it....sound familiar? Be careful not to be a victim of his "imaginary medical expertise"!

As we continue along the path you'll see the Raynaud's Plum Tree, one bite of these succulent fruits and it's bluish purple toes and fingers for you! If you wobble through Methotrexate Mountains make sure you've had your folic acid for the day or you might experience a wave of nausea. If you're feeling daring to try a nibble be sure to hobble as fast as your crutches can take you to the Crooked Old Lupie House. Here you'll find Gramma Moonface. After spending way too much time licking Prednisone Popsicles she's retired to her Lupie House. Her favorite things are 1,200 Egyptian thread count sheets, cakes, cookies, and pies!

If you zoom your scooter through the Prednisone Popsicle Path you're almost sure to bump into Lola the Lupie. You can swap diagnosis stories and maybe learn something new about managing you lupus.

Now I'm not a swimmer, but if you land on the gray spot you have to take a ride on the Brain Fog Float. Just do your best to remember where you're headed afterwards! (Think Dory from Finding Nemo, Where am I going? P.Sherman Wallaby Way Sydney!)  We're not headed to Australia though, so keep the Lupus Support Group on your mind!.

Roll that Wheelchair next to Spoonie Swamp. YES, bet you weren't expecting to find free spoons just laying around! Haha, it'd be nice to have these in real life wouldn't it! At the Spoonie Swamp you'll meet Fatigue Floopy. If you're feeling nice try & toss him a spoon because fatigue is NO joke and he has it constantly. Pocket some of your favorite spoon colors after re-energizing & ta daaaaaaaaaaaa you'll be at your destination sooner than you know it! At the Lupus Support Group you'll meet King Kushing who throws the most fabulous lupus awareness parties. I mean he even has a chocolate chair you can eat. Tons of lupus awareness bracelets and pillow pets, you absolutely cannot get better than that!

Now aren't you glad you've played the awesome new board game "Lupus Land"? I hope you were tickled in funny bones you didn't know you had. Smiled wider that you thought you could, and wobbled those canes and wheelchairs in that great imagination while learning how to laugh at lupus. Make sure you share with others & promise to play again soon!

You're never alone with lupus,

xoxo Tiffany