January 13, 2011

Lupus & The Itchy Scalp!

Case of thee Angry Itch!

Haha! Yes, that is me.

A morning bi-weekly routine for me unless I want to moan & groan about the horrors of being a "itchy scalped victim"! About a few months ago I woke to find a curious rash across the apples of my cheeks and the bridge of my nose. It was a reddish hue & was so tender that it ached when touched!

I had experienced my very first malar butterfly rash and it was accompanied by a tender and itchy scalp. I went out of my mind trying to figure out why my scalp was so irritated. I couldn't remember if it was a symptom of lupus or not. I spent hours on the internet trying to figure it out, searching through my lupus food diary to see if it was something I ate, and nothing! It turns out that sometimes when you "taper" or decrease your medicine dosage your body goes into a sort of shock trying to adjust to the new dosage. Hence sending some of us into a lupus flare which can range from lightly moderate to very severe.

Now don't get me wrong! I was extremely excited to hear that I would be tapering down to only 10mg of Prednisone after originally being on about 25-30mg months ago. I just didn't realize how much hard work it was going to be on my body...so what do I do to battle these "tapering woes"?

About twice a week I have to scrub my scalp with a coal tar shampoo to reduce the itchiness and redness of
my scalp. I picked up an affordable one at the dollar store. It's similar to one made by Neutrogena called T-gel. If you can afford it; Nioxin is an AMAZING product for dermatitis, itchy, and inflamed scalps! I have an amazing lupie sister who send me samples of the soothing serum so I don't rip my scalp to the skull, ha!

I also use a hair butter-creme from Miss Jessie's called: Curly Butter-creme. It has peppermint oil in it and is very soothing on the scalp. If that's too pricey, just use peppermint oil itself on your scalp. A SITE that provides awesome home remedies for an itchy scalp! My favorite ones to use are the peppermint oil as well as the lavender oil. Even diet can help relieve your scalp woes! Try incorporating foods that are rich in vitamin b, vitamin c, zinc, and iron like spinach, green veggies, yogurt as well as seeds and nuts which are all beneficial for the scalp and hair.

*Take note that adding thee above foods to your diet also help ALL itchy skin and not just the scalp! A site that provides natural home remedies for itchy skin can be found HERE. Let me know what works for you & what doesn't!

Also always remember to talk to your doctor! Whether it's your Rheumatologist, or a Dermatologist; your lupus specialist should know whenever there is pain, or a change in you or your body. Let them know your aches and pains so that they can help. & of course talk to your fellow lupus sisters and brothers! Chances are one of us has experienced something similar and can offer helpful suggestions on what to do.

If you have some suggestions you'd like to share about battling a itchy scalp, please feel free to share!
Hope I was able to help! As always keep in touch & remember you're NOT alone with lupus!

Love, Tiffany