November 9, 2010

New Movie in Review: Love Simple

Hello Lovies!  

I'm overflowing with excitement about a NEW film that is now available internationally today November 9th! 

Love Simple (Not Rated)

In one sentence I'd describe it as: A Breath of Fresh Air!- Finally, a movie definitely worth seeing! 

Mark Von Sternberg's film "Love Simple" is the one of a kind, a love story with a lupus theme! 
Adam (Francisco Solorzano) & Seta (Patrizia Hernandez)

A story about two people who discover whether their love is real enough to hold them together just when everything else seems to fall apart. 

Adam (played by Francisco Solorzano) feels trapped at home caring for his asthmatic father while Seta (played by Patrizia Hernandez) finds herself hiding behind her embarrassment of having lupus. Both weave a web of lies in their attempts to impress each other for the sake of LOVE! 

"Love Simple" paints a story that each one of us can relate to. From the colorful lies we paint to make us seem more "impressive", to the awesome best friends who sometimes give us the "not-so best" dating advice. 

Prepare for a sprinkle of laughs, mouth-dropping scenarios, and even some tears all mixed together to tell a story; and when the credits roll prepare to be a strong believer that love is simple even when we complicate it!

This is a film you can't say no to; and why would you when 10% of the film's sales will go to the S.L.E. Lupus Foundation to help fund lupus research! You can find "Love Simple" for purchase at these following retailers: Amazon, Walmart, Target, Bestbuy, and iTunes

To view a sneak peek of the film "Love Simple" check out the trailer below & don't forget to read all the latest happenings in the NEW November "Love Simple" edition of The Lupus Magazine this month!

Loving you always, Stay strong lovies!
Tiffany Marie *lupie kisses* 

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