November 10, 2010

LRI: On The Road To Success

Hello lovies!

Many of you may already know several foundations and organizations that are doing things to spread lupus awareness. However, I'd like to share how one phenomenal organization goes above and beyond to provide REAL support and proven success while searching for a lupus cure!

The Lupus Research Insitute is the world's leading private supporter of ground breaking research in lupus, the LRI encourages scientific risk-taking leading the way to solutions for the sometimes confusing and dangerous autoimmune disease called lupus.

I was absolutely honored to attend an informative press briefing which occurred on October 18th at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York City as a representative for The Lupus Magazine.

With an awesome headline like, "Driving Discovery Through Innovation"; A Decade of Impact in Lupus Awareness" its a wonder I was able to sit still in my seat!

A key point from the LRI research report are:

  • Within 10 years of research they have a success rate of 80%!
This means that 80% of the LRI-funded investigators were successful; as well as having their discoveries published, featured in top journals, and received major funding to follow-up their studies!

Want to know who the "queen of lupus research" is? Who is behind the possibility of a "inflammation turn-off switch"? Or just how much money the LRI has generated in millions for lupus research? 

You can read my full article explaining the "Driving Discovery Through Innovation" LRI report featured in the The Lupus Magazine's new November issue HERE!

Or you can read the complete report by the Lupus Research Institute at their website HERE.

Feel free to learn a bit more about the amazing people behind the success of the LRI and their ground breaking discoveries in lupus research!

"Watch the story of the Lupus Research Insitute (LRI) and its national network of patients, family members, scientists, physicans and advocates as they work together to put an end to this devasting disease.

Also please help the LRI spread this message of hope! If we work together towards prevention, a lupus cure is sure to be in sight one day!

Stay Strong lovies! Together we are strong!
*& hearts*

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