October 29, 2010

A Day With Shante... & Snoop!

Oh! Where to begin? Yes, I'm SO behind in sharing all the happenings going on with me. Well lets get to the good stuff, because we're gonna talk about how fighting lupus...

The month of August was a whirlwind of new lupus discoveries for me! New diets, medication increases, bold haircuts, and even experiencing my very first malar lupus butterfly rash. As juicy as all that seems to sound, none can compare to my twenty-fifth birthday. Yes, can you imagine? My pouty baby face is actually a "half-way up the hill" twenty-five! Lol!

I'm not sure what other "twenty-fives" do for their birthdays, although I'm predicting it involves mass amounts of liquor, ear-splitting music, and non-stop dancing. All of which are NOT currently allowed in my lupie-life! So what exactly does a lupus patient DO to celebrate their birthday? Can you guess? No? Well I'll just have to tell you! 

I counted out my precious "spoons" for the day, picked out my favorite comfortable dress from American Apparel, clipped a flower in my hair, packed my "Lupus Emergency Pouch", and headed out to the S.L.E. Lupus Foundation Midtown NYC office! Yes, I went to the Lupus office for my birthday. I received a message earlier that week asking if I was free on August 28th to meet an awesome Lupus Warrior and represent the S.L.E. Lupus Foundation as a support group member and livid lupus awareness advocate. I was absolutely thrilled, and practically drowning in suspense of who this awesome lupus warrior would be. I ignored the confused blank faces of several of my friends and family when I told them I would be at the Lupus office on my birthday. Lol! I didn't even want to attempt to explain what they wouldn't understand.
Sharing my lupus journey with Shante Broadus

I arrived at the S.L.E. Lupus Foundation at about 3pm, rode to the 17th floor and who do I see? Shante Broadus! For those who aren't familiar with her; Shante is the phenomenal wife of Cordozar Calvin Broadus also known as Snoop Dogg. They have three wonderful children together; Corde, Cordell, and Cori. 

For those who don't know little Cori Broadus has lupus and was first diagnosed at the young age of SIX! Can you believe that!?

Adrienne, Shante, and I 
At the S.L.E. Lupus Foundation I sat down with Shante Broadus, as well as Liane (an awesome SLE Lupus Foundation employee), Adrienne Lynch (Fellow Lupie), and discussed our latest lupus happenings while VIBE Magazine captured photos to tell our story. 

I learned so much about Shante as well as the entire Broadus family. Shante is NOT just the wife of the amazing lyricist Snoop Dogg; she is so much MORE! Despite the fact of owning her own entertainment company she is a board member for Lupus LA! I have read so much about her efforts to raise lupus awareness not only for Cori but for all lupus patients worldwide. 

She let me know that Cori is doing great, playing softball, and even recorded a lupus inspired song with her dad Snoop! I definitely cannot wait till that hits the airwaves; I could definitely use some new lupus arse kicking music!

Now Shante didn't know it was my birthday until a little birdie named Liane told her *giggles*! After which she wagged her finger at me because I hadn't plan on doing anything....well! Shante was NOT trying to hear none of it. 

Up close at the 'Rock The Bells 2010 Concert!
She made this lupie heart burst to smithereens by sending me to the 'Rock The Bells 2010' concert at Governor's Island to see Snoop Dogg perform! I took one of my best friends Tanika Thomas with me, took awesome photos, and was ecstatic to be ON STAGE with Shante, Snoop, and the entire Doggy Dogg crew. 
VIP tickets!

My favorite thing was catching glimpses of Snoop, Shante, Warren G, and others wearing bright orange 'Life Without Lupus' awareness wristbands because I never take mines off, EVER! Made my heart squeeze to see so many individuals doing what they can to help spread awareness.

After the concert was over, I trekked back home with the best and rubbed icy-hot all over before climbing into bed.
I was able to get in contact with Shante and her publicist to schedule an interview so she could share the latest happenings with her and Cori's lupus journey.

You can read all the amazing things she had to share in the October's edition of The Lupus Magazine!

And view the awesome footage VIBE Magazine captured of our day Here!

When I asked Shante if she had any parting words of encouragement she said, "Like Cori and Snoop sing in their upcoming song 'Never Give Up!'"

Shante & I 
How's THAT for inspiration? Shante and the Broadus family continue to inspire me. I hope each of you catch this contagious emotion and use it to fuel the awesomeness that is YOU!

Stay Strong lovies! Loving each of you,

Tiffany Marie <3

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