August 23, 2010

Let's Battle Lupus Fatigue!

Keep a Lupus/Food Diary!
Hello Lovies! Oooh do I have some goodies to share with you today!

After keeping a "Lupus Diary" for the past 3-4 months I have noticed many different things regarding my diet.
Contrary to what some of our rheumatologists believe, our diet DOES influence how our bodies feel with lupus!

For example, if you ate too much candy, and did it repeatedly, you would get a toothache/cavity. So why shouldn't the same rule apply to us? There are many foods that can help reduce our lupus symptoms, but there are also foods that make our lupus symptoms flare up! The only way to know which foods are having what affect is to keep a "Lupus Diary". Keep track of what you eat and when, that way when you feel a pain, or if you're feeling good you can make a note of it and know what you ate that day! It's that simple!

Baby Spinach
Now, I must be honest, I have NEVER been a fan of vegetables. I have always cringed at thee sight of greens, *chuckles* but I've created a new recipe that promotes eating healthy AND keeps your taste buds happy!

Without further ado, I introduce you to SPINACH!
Stop cringing, I saw you! Hahahaha! I promise your taste buds will love it, not to mention your body!

Olive Oyl (After Spinach!)
Ever wonder what all the hype was about "Popeye the Sailor Man"? He was always popping a can before he did anything! Did you ever notice how HUGE his muscles were, like who has arms that size!!?? And take Olive Oyl for instance, she's practically paper thin, always a damsel in distress...I strongly suspect Lupus is to blame, she must not have heard about prednisone yet! *giggles* The only time I can remember her ever seeming strong is after a dose of spinach, which she totally got from Popeye! So, it seems that spinach is the key ingredient to building strength. Let's dig a bit deeper and really get into the nutritional value!

Spinach is claimed to have more nutrients than ANY other food! Its available all throughout the year; its seasons being from March to May and from September through October. That is when it is freshest and best in flavor.

Spinach Nutrients
One of the most important nutrients you can find in spinach is Vitamin K; which is necessary for bone growth and blood coagulation (normal blood clotting). One cup of spinach produces about 200% of Vitamin K for your Daily Value! There are so many reasons why adding spinach to your diet improves your health, to find out more visit The World's Healthiest Foods
For a complete and detailed breakdown; (charts included) of the nutritional value of spinach please visit Nutritional Data! Did you know that spinach is a natural anti-inflammatory food? 78% anti-inflammatory out of 100 to be exact! Not to mention that it's been proven to reduce risks of breast cancer, prostrate cancer, ovarian cancer,arthritis, and osteoporosis.

Now we can get to how we can use spinach to battle 'Lupus Fatigue'. Spinach is rich in Iron, which is a necessity for all especially women. It's a much healthier source of iron than red meat because its low in calories and completely fat-free! Iron contains the enzymes needed for energy production and metabolism in our bodies; so it's no wonder that Popeye the Sailor Man was always popping a can before any vigorous activity!

Special Note: People who suffer from Lupus Anticoagulant Disorder (NOT to be confused with Lupus SLE),Also if you are currently Coumadin or Warafin. Ask your doctor FIRST about spinach consumption, since those patients are often told to practice a diet that is low in Vitamin K.

August 2, 2010

A Little Light in the Darkness!

Hello my Lovies! 
I've been feeling a bit under the weather lately, and when that happens I always reach for pen & paper. I wanted to share one of my favorite poems with each of you; or as I like to call them "windows into my soul".
May it inspire light into your dark moments, and remind you that happiness is obtainable. We just have to remember to NEVER GIVE IN, and to continue pressing forward, because happiness is truly right around the corner. We sometimes overlook it, or walk right by it because we cannot recognize it. Yes, sometimes we have gone so long without it that we have forgotten what it feels like. I have found it & so I share it with YOU. I've just written a NEW article featured in The Lupus Magazine showing how you can do the same, be a 'Light for Lupus' in any way you can. And remember that you are NOT alone! <3

Alien Emotion                                                                  Originally Written:Wed, July 30, 2008 at 12:28am

The days are bright, and so I write...

I am Me.
Forever, Will be.
Bona fide.
Never emulating.
Always maintaining,
My beauty,
With its bittersweet velocity.

The sea claimed me once,
And I loved His enticing embrace.
It was enchanting, mind-blowing, delicious
Something I needed & everything I wanted.


The storm is over,
On the horizon lies a new discovery.
And so...
Like a Phoenix,
She rises, and soars above.

With wings stretched wide,
She ascends yet higher.
Head thrown back,
Breasts raised to the sky.
And releases a gurgle
Of  Joyous Laughter.

It bubbles up,
Infecting her very soul,
And She is Devoured by it.

What is it,
She wonders?
This alien passion.
Who dareth go there?
Who dareth trespass within,
Her heart, Her mind,
And deeper still,
Her soul?

Does she dare to dream,
to aspire for more?
To be filled, till bursting
Lit ablaze, till burning,
Invaded, till penetrated,
Trusted, till Loved,


Time shall reveal all.
And this Queen,
Has nothing but patience.
So she waits,
Always enduring.
Never ceasing,
To live.

Never holding back,
Always giving,
Until taken.

Tilting her head,
She heareth a sound.
A pitter patter.
On the chamber,
Where her heart dwelleth.
Curiosity might kill her,
But the satisfaction is sweeter.

She tip toes evercloser,
Hypnotized by the vibration.
What is this foreign entity?
That penetrates my mind,
And transforms my soul.
Engulfing my heart,
Transforming her very existence.

It beckons her...closer,
Whispering sweet words.
Sugar coated, they melt
In her mouth.
Ingested, Digested,
As I digress.

Her skin begins to shift,
Slowly, but surely.
A soft glow emanates,
DEEP...from within.
Low and behold,
She has finally found.
The unknown source,
That is possessing her,


©Tiffany Marie Peterson 2008