July 3, 2010

Juicy June Tidbits!

Hello Lovies!

It's been awhile since my last post, I sincerely apologize!!! I'm doing my best to keep you all updated and aware of thee latest happenings in my life with lupus. There were so many wonderful things that happened in the month of June that shined with Lupus Awareness, so tuck in lovies! You're in for a treat :)

Our 2nd Lupus Awareness Event occurred on June 25th in the Bronx on Evergreen Avenue. Friends Against Lupus banded together once more to share knowledge about Lupus with the Bronx community! It just so happens that the anniversary of Michael Jackson was also on this day...I dressed in honor of him that day! Red jacket & black sequin leggings! We played all of his greatest hits while face-painting, handing out pamphlets, and talking to children & their parents about lupus. It seems many didn't know Michael suffered from Discoid Lupus, which affects only the skin. I was amazed by all of the interesting questions the children had for me, they truly wanted to know what causes Lupus, How does one get it, and how they could help find a cure!

Each one of these lovely painted faces donated to win the fight Against Lupus! Each promising to never take off their orange 'Life Without Lupus' wristbands which were provided to Friends Against Lupus by the SLE Lupus Foundation! It warmed my heart over to hear a young girl about the age of ten whispering to her mom about what she learned at the park today, "Did you know that there hasn't been a drug for lupus in over FIFTY years mom? Today my dollar is going to help find a cure one day!". I have a hard time suppressing my emotions at these wonderful events, because there is something amazing to be said of meeting people who know absolutely nothing about lupus who want to help make a difference! There are about 70 pictures from this wonderful day of Lupus Awareness at the Park; to view them just visit the Friends Against Lupus Facebook Page!

Earlier that week I received an email asking me to attend the Walk for Lupus Now Awards Ceremony which was held on June 29th by the Lupus Foundation of America in New York City. I wasn't going to let anything stop me from attending, didn't care if the forecast was fire & brimstone or hail & snowstorms, lupus was definitely NOT going to keep me from meeting thee fabulous Terry Sanders who has supported 'Friends Against Lupus' since their early steps of Lupus Awareness in April!

The Awards ceremony was held at McGee's NYC Pub & Restaurant ; they were such gracious hosts who donated all the food,beverages and space that night free of cost! See? Awesome Lupus supporters can be found in the Big Apple! The night was warm, and after arming myself with a name tag and raffle ticket I wandered off to find a seat at one of the tables. I met so many wonderful people! Kimberly; who has an amazing blog called ChronicallySilly and whose mother is an Awesome Amazon Warrior Against Lupus if I ever met one! She reminds me of my own mother who would tackle Lupus to the ground if it was a physical entity! Ha! I was overjoyed to see Kenya; a fellow lupie I just recently met in the subway about a week ago! I spotted her on the train wearing a purple 'Someone you know has Lupus' wrist band, and we've been inseparable ever since! Can you picture two butterflies cackling about lupus in thee subway!? Because surely people were staring at us as if we sprouted antennae on our heads the way we were swapping prednisone stories!

Not only did I receive a Special Volunteer award for all of the Lupus Awareness I've been spreading in NYC & worldwide,  My walk Team Friends Against Lupus received a Top Fundraising Award for raising over $500! I cannot express how terribly embarrassed I was! I've never won a trophy or recognition for anything besides good attendance in grade school & needless to say I'm usually a quiet shy person unless I'm roaring about Lupus Awareness, Ha!

The icing on the cake of this night wasn't the recognition for my quest of Lupus Awareness...it was that my loved ones were there to share it with me. Words cannot express how I felt to see them show up & clap the loudest when my name was called, and snap my picture while I accepted my award from Terry. It was a very emotional night, full of warmth, love and understanding. Fellow lupies & their Lupus Warriors banding together to show that we support one another!

I want each of you to remember that there is ALWAYS someone out there helping each of us fight Against Lupus, we don't have to know them, understand their language, or have anything in common with them. The fact that they made the choice to donate a dollar, wear a purple/orange wristband, or ask a question about lupus is thee ONLY thing that matters! We are truly NEVER alone in our fight Against Lupus! I hope that thought brings you sunshine on a cloudy day, because its what continuously gets me through mines!

Muahz <3 Lovies, until next time!


  1. Another great post, love! I'm so proud of you, and all that you've done. All in the name of Lupus. Helping spread awareness. You truly are my Lupus Warrior. muahhh xoxoxx

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