May 19, 2010

World Lupus Day 2010!

In case you didn't know; May 10th marked the 7th year strong of World Lupus Day! All across the world "Lupies" (A familiar term used for people living with Lupus) & their supporters showed their awareness for Lupus by wearing orange and/or purple, both of which are the colors of Lupus.

At 8am bright & early I met up with some great folks of the SLE Lupus Foundation , and we rallied at the Today Show. This means, we poked our bright orange Lupus Awareness shirts and waved our orange bands for all to see! We were on TV for a few seconds giving information about Life Without Lupus , which is the official competitive sports team of the S.L.E. Lupus Foundation and its West coast division Lupus LA, the nation’s leading organization providing comprehensive support services and research funding for the lupus community. Through their team, amateur athletes gain entry into exciting world-class athletic events and raise funds for the fight against lupus.Awesome right!?
No act of Lupus Awareness is too small, EVERYTHING makes a difference! Are you making your voice heard for Lupus?


  1. AWESOME SIS! Like I said before SO PROUD of you guys! If I could have managed the 5 hour drive I would have been standing right next to you, daughter Jas in tow! LOL Keep posting hon. Read your poem too, very moving! TTYL 2DAY!

  2. That's awesome!! So proud of you babe!


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