May 13, 2010

Walking Towards a Cure...

 Organizing a successful walk team in less than a month is definitely tricky business!


On May 1st, Friends Against Lupus created a walk team which kicked off Lupus Awareness month with an awesome start by walking at the "Walk for Lupus Now" -Lupus Foundation of America event in 103rd street, Riverside Park, New York City!

Team Captain & Founder of 'Friends Against Lupus'
 Tiffany 'La Mariposa'

Over 30 team supporters showed up bright and early at 9am, bright-eyed, a bit hungry, but ready for action. Thankfully the blueberry muffins I baked that morning for my awesome team  gave us the zest and energy we needed to get us all organized. Everyone was in good spirits! Our team was ready to go once registration, t-shirts, butterfly antennas, and walk signs were passed around & taken care of!
Team 'Friends Against Lupus'

It's amazing how friends & family pull together to show support for a loved one. NEVER underestimate how important that is or how valuable you are to that person in need! There are over 1.5 million Americans living with Lupus today, and even though we were a small group in numbers, we walked for each and EVERY one of them! Together we raised $525.00 for Lupus research, education, and support services!

Our youngest Lupus Supporter!

Friends Against Lupus is extremely proud and thankful for everyone who lent a helping hand; without each of you it would have been a much more difficult task to accomplish! As a result, we are extremely motivated & currently cooking up several more events to promote Lupus Awareness in the NYC area. I'll list links & sites below if any of you are interested in helping or would just like more information.

Face-book Organization Fanpage: 'Friends Against Lupus' 
Follow us on Twitter: @AgainstLupus

Our Awesome Walk Team: 'Friends Against Lupus'

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