May 7, 2010

Take a Peek!

...Awakened by my late night cravings for chocolate Swiss rolls and Pepsi once again. I only weigh about 110 pounds, but I wonder whether that will fluctuate in the months to come. *Le sigh* Can you believe those two are just a few of the symptoms from my current medication; Prednisone.

Let me take a few moments to assess the happenings of my body at this moment. My fingers and knees are a bit shaky, and my toes haven't stopped tingling for the past hour or so. My belly is at a constant state of "fullness" even without having eaten in several hours. I am told this is a result of Lupus activity in my kidneys. Keeping my hands out of my hair seems to be a difficult task these days...even more so when I realize there is hair in my hands after every time I stroke my strands. All this I have been trying to keep track of in a type of "Food diary". I have found that some foods irritate me and can sometimes cause a Lupus flare.

By Lupus flare, I mean swelling and aching of the joints, stomach pains, migraines, nausea, etc... Some flares are worse than others; I usually never know how bad a day will be until its occurring at the moment. I strongly encourage other "Lupies" to keep food & body diaries. It helps to look back on it and know what is going on as you travel your journey with Lupus.

In effort to find a way to express how it feels to have Lupus; I have found a site with an awesome explanation! After reading the BYDLS (But You Don't Look Sick!?)  post on Lupus, and much tears my mom finally has an inkling of what it is I go through each day. She can finally understand how much of a battle it is just to be able to rise from my bed; let alone get my day started.

MAY is the national month for Lupus Awareness! Educate yourselves & share that knowledge with others. Remember knowledge is Power!

But You Don't Look Sick!? < Read this amazing explanation for what life is like living with Lupus & share it with others to help spread Lupus Awareness.


  1. Thank you for sharing this. I read "But you don't look sick" and if gave me a new perspective on Lupus. I knew people with Lupus but I never could really understand what it was like and I never will fully understand but this puts me one step closer.

  2. Glad I could give you some insight. Lupus is such a difficult illness to put into words. I was hoping this would shine a light on those who still wonder how to describe it or what it slike :)

  3. Thanks for sharing this!! *hugs* I have no idea what foods might cause me to flare other than I KNOW most processed wheat does... blah. :( I try to eat a paleo (cave woman) diet when I can... but it is HARD HARD HARD to do when you're really sick. hugs hugs hugs!! xx

  4. Thanks for sharing! I've never heard about the spoon theory before, but I found it spot on. Its definitely something I'm going to share w/my fam. Especially the ones who don't understand why I can't do certain things anymore. Thanks for sharing, babe xoxoxo

  5. Thank you for sharing our site with your readers!

  6. The Spoon Theory (BYDLS) is an incredible resource, I used it long before I was diagnosed with lupus (or had my lupus really active.... it was something I dealt with every few years for a couple of weeks at that point) for my other chronic pain.

    Good luck with your meds... I really hope the nephritis gets under control and you stop having issues from it .... I know it is unlikely to ever go away completely if I understand Lupus Nephritis right (having never dealt with it I admit to not doing as much research on it at this point), but I hope that you can get it under control and maybe wean down the meds! ((hugs))



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